Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Exmouth Marina Moon

I am pleased to present my first large canvas for a little while. Exmouth Marina Moon is 60" x 40" - various paints and texturing medium on Winsor & Newton canvas.

After moving a lot of furniture I was able to overcome the problem of photographing it! Something I had not considered when we moved to the new property in Dorset.

I look forward to more work on this scale in the near future.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Maritime series

I would like to present two new works which are based on a maritime/coastal themes within which I am experimenting with my usual relief construction techniques with less  vertical/horizontal constraints.

Please feel free to read my second posting of today below this one which features the work of
Sir Terry Frost

Maritime II

Westward Ho sundown

Sir Terry Frost

Sir Terry Frost was elected Royal Academician 1992 and received a knighthood in 1998. He died on 1st September 2003 in St Ives.

Most of us may be familiar with his later work which uses shape, proportion and color to convey a sense of visual movement and feeling. However one must visit his early work within which we see some of the leading post war abstract work produced by any artist.

His work has been a great influence on me and along with Ben Nicholson I can say that discovering these artists prompted me to start creating my own artwork.

Please click on the link below the images to read more about the artist and view more of his later work - it is also a good idea to google him to access his earlier work.

Madrigal - 1949

Black and White Movement on Blue and Green II - 1951

to view my own work click here

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A busy January

I would like to thank all of those who kept me busy across January with some excellent commissions and the new customers who purchased my work from my website. Having now completed all the commission work I am happy to present three pieces here which will list in my eBay shop after 8.30pm this evening.

I now have a clear run at new works which I shall be posting up over the next few weeks as I complete them  as well as new features on a few of my favourite artists. Thank you again - Richard.