Thursday, 6 April 2017

Serge Poliakoff - the meaning of....

As my birthday on the 14th April speeds towards me I have enjoyed producing several Serge Poliakoff style paintings - The significance of this is that in 2009 during my 50th trip to Paris we came across a few of his works in a private gallery.

It was seeing his work which finally prompted me to try my hand at creating artwork on my return to England and so began a second career!!  - So it seems fitting to present two further pieces in the style of this artist just before I sign off as we shall be heading of to Yorkshire for 10 days during which I shall enjoy my birthday - albeit this time near the City of Culture 2017 - Hull.

Shape Variation II
28" x 23" x 2"

Set in a renovated real oak frame - lightly sanded and bees waxed behind glass.

Blue Variation II
27" x 20" x 1.5"

Set in a renovated mahogany frame finished in antique white paint with edge and details sanded behind glass.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

A painting for Gael aka My Wife!!!

Since I began creating artwork in 2009 I have been fortunate that the work has sold continuously and though some of it may hang on our walls for a while it is not long before it is packaged and couriered to a customer.

Gael, my Wife has complained for some years that she does not actually own one of my pieces so as a wind down to taking a holiday for a couple of weeks I decided to complete one I started some time ago based on shapes and colours I know she likes.

On our return I shall re frame it in a wide swept black frame and finally Gael will own her very own Witham piece!!