Wednesday, 12 October 2016

White Relief October 4 - SOLD

For some time I have been contemplating the future of my artwork in light of other opportunities which have presented themselves to me. Over the last several years I have enjoyed the support of a number of customers whose purchases have been instrumental in me continuing to produce work.

I have decided that my other 'real work' is distracting enough that I have not been able to maintain the momentum needed to develop further and take the step into the 'real world art market' which would mean working with galleries.

Further to this my chosen method of selling via eBay creates a significant pricing conflict in trying to establish sales through galleries and it is obvious that I would have to cease this should I have decided to take the next step.

This being so I have decided to put my artwork on hold - pursue these other interest while I still feel youthful and quite frankly the commercial world is still interested in me at nearly 58 years old [gosh how I hate writing those numbers down!!]

There will be times I shall be able to produce work but I foresee that this time will be limited though I will be able to consider whether or not I pursue a gallery route for the future.

So thank you to all those who have so positively supported my work and I hope at some stage in the future to resume what I hope to be a good pension plan!!

White Relief - October 4

Various paints on textured board and set in a real wood box frame in natural satin finish.

Measures framed - 33" x 25" x 2"