Friday, 25 March 2011

Relief 23....

I finally found the time to finish a new piece - 'Relief 23'.

I would like to thank many of my customers who either commented on the blog or emailed me to remind me of the work I was producing 12 months ago. This prompted me to revisit the key elements of  inspirations I derived from the St Ives group of artists.

This being so I am looking forward to completing more work which is ongoing and very much influenced by this group of artists - these I look forward to adding to my blog and eBay shop once they are completed.


Friday, 18 March 2011

Ben Nicholson reliefs..he started it all!

This week I have started some new pieces and have revisited where it all began for me. I had always wanted to own a Ben Nicholson relief however and for the obvious reasons - or should I say reason singular - money! - this has proven to be an impossible dream to date.

However I decided to create one or two of my own so I could at least have a few 'in the style' of Nicholson pieces hanging on my wall. I apologise to the artist for using his original creativity as the starting point and I admit that some that I created were almost copies. In producing this work I also opened the door to the St Ives group of artists whose work has been an inspiration to me as I try to develop my abilities.

This was in fact how I began my new career and thanks to some of my readers who purchased the pieces not only could I continue to produce new work - I now have no Nicholson type reliefs on my walls!!

Please enjoy the images and I hope to post the new work soon. For more information please contact me via the comments facility below the images.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Jeremy Annear

This week I present an introduction to an artist whose work I discovered two years ago by accident. Since then I have spent quite some time and effort in tracking down and visiting galleries where I can see Jeremy Annear's work.

Their surfaces, textures and shapes are simply excellent and can only be appreciated when viewed in 'real life' - I would recommend to those of you whom his work reasonates with to try and visit a gallery where his work is displayed to fully enjoy the impact.

Below the images are two links - one of which is a short interview from the other being his website - please enjoy.

Maritime Blues(Tresco)2008. oil on canvas.120x160cms

Diamond Ledge I(Tresco)2008. oil on canvas. 90x120cms

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Waldemar Januszczak - The Sculpture Diaries.

This week I present a Channel 4oD documentary within which Waldemar Januszczak concludes his exploration of sculpture with a road trip across North and South America to see the art form set in the landscape.

Within this he features [as well as other exceptional pieces] one of my favourite pieces of land art - The Sun Tunnels by Nancy Holt.

This artwork completed in 1976, consists of four large concrete tubes, laid out in the desert in an open X configuration. The nine foot diameter, 18 foot long "tunnels" are pierced by holes of varying size, that correspond with the pattern of selected celestial constellations. There is a tunnel for Draco, Perseus, Columba and Capricorn.

Once again I will leave it to a greater source of knowledge, Waldemar, to lead you to this. As always he makes entertaining and inspiring documentaries  - simply click on the link below the image and enjoy.

The Sun Tunnels - Nancy Holt

Monday, 7 March 2011

The big picture....

It was Autumn when I painted my last large canvas so I thought it was time to start again.

However what has changed since then is where we live and the car I drive - so when buying the canvas of course it did not fit in the car! Having overcome that then of course it would not go up the stairs to the 3rd floor loft room I use as a studio!! Having overcome that I then realised that our walls and rooms are now smaller so photographing it was a nightmare!! So having overcome that here is the big picture slightly cropped - for further images please visit my ebay shop.

Coastal Point II
55" x 44"

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Wood and Concrete..the Axe and the Chainsaw...

Whilst I work on completing some new paintings and at the conclusion of the excellent BBC Four Sculpture season, I thought that this week I would feature two wonderful Sculptors whose work is created using source materials that are as diverse as one can find.

Some years ago I discovered the work of Serge Bottagisio in a publication of the World of Interiors. Working with his partner Agnes Decoux the pieces they create are large cast concrete shapes that are primarily used as sculptured planters and water features however some are just excellent garden sculpture.

Using cast concrete with coloring in the mix, the surfaces of the pieces are then worked and carved by the use of an axe as a primary tool.

I will let the images below and their website do the talking however I hope you agree that their work is magnificent.

The second of the two Sculptors is David Nash whose work over the past 40 years has been simply sublime. Nash's sculptures, made from unseasoned wood, alter after his intervention, cracking and twisting as they dry. In harnessing not only the element of air, but also fire and water, Nash changes the form and surface of his sculptures by the frequent use of charring the surface.

He not only carves wood, largely from fallen trees, with chain and milling saws - skills that he has perfected over the years - but he also creates sculptures from growing plants, cutting and training them into domes or ladders.

I would leave it to the excellent BBC Documentary available on BBC i player to truly introduce you to an outstanding creative individual and their work.

For David Nash click below

For Serge Bottagisio click below