Friday, 18 March 2011

Ben Nicholson reliefs..he started it all!

This week I have started some new pieces and have revisited where it all began for me. I had always wanted to own a Ben Nicholson relief however and for the obvious reasons - or should I say reason singular - money! - this has proven to be an impossible dream to date.

However I decided to create one or two of my own so I could at least have a few 'in the style' of Nicholson pieces hanging on my wall. I apologise to the artist for using his original creativity as the starting point and I admit that some that I created were almost copies. In producing this work I also opened the door to the St Ives group of artists whose work has been an inspiration to me as I try to develop my abilities.

This was in fact how I began my new career and thanks to some of my readers who purchased the pieces not only could I continue to produce new work - I now have no Nicholson type reliefs on my walls!!

Please enjoy the images and I hope to post the new work soon. For more information please contact me via the comments facility below the images.

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  1. Richard, these are always a winner for me, a big fan of Ben Nicholson