Monday, 24 January 2011

New life for old frames

I do like to offer my artwork framed. For sometime I have been using simple real wood box frames with glass which are made for me by my man 'Ray'. He does a great job and a lot of my customers have commented on this.

Recently I have added some 'new' frames into the mix which are old frames which I rejuvenate and either use as they are or convert them into box frames. These offer a variety in profile finish and I have been experimenting with hand painting to create some great finishes.

For this painting 'City Steelscape' the frame face has been left in it's natural wood state which still shows the original hint of grey dry brush coat. The box frame is constructed from pine and painted and finished - although photographed with out glass this I set in once I finally seal the painting when purchased.

City Steelscape

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