Thursday, 17 February 2011

On the wall today

Thank you to all my customers who have made the start to 2011 an excellent one and for the positive feedback regarding my new blogsite.

Some of you are aware that to support my desire to paint full time I have been working on a construction site for a friend to subsidise this desire and due to the elongated muscles - aches and pains I have had a barren 10 days regarding producing new work!!!

However I now have some time to devote to my passion and I present a new piece 'Sea Break'. I continue to try new styles to keep up my development and again I thank those who have sent me positive and encouraging words.

Sea Break - after a trip to Bempton Cliffs - East Yorkshire


  1. Nice work, reminds me of Summer!

  2. Richard produces contagious art which (for me) is very bad habit to have as I find I just want to purchase the next masterpiece created.

    The art of blending colour has been mastered through and through, especially with the pieces influenced by the St Ives movement which I find very gratifying.

    Keep up the good work Richard.....

    I look forward to the next purchase/s...