Friday, 20 April 2012

Our own personal Caro - in memory of Sir Anthony Caro

Along a lovely winding country road that leads to Studland Bay in Dorset there is what Gael and I refer to as 'Our own personal Caro'. It sits at the side of the road where a lovely farm is located and its material - colour and shape is in direct contrast to its surroundings. It does however remind us of the work of Sir Anthony Caro who is probably the leading living British Sculptor and is our favourite working Sculptor.

We do not mock him but in some way what we see every time we go to the beach puts into context a lot of his work and demonstrates how opposing material and man made form can work in harmony with natural surroundings. In the end it is just a snow plough attachment but to us it will always be 'Our own personal Caro'

Sir Anthony Caro

Anthony Caro was born in 1924 in New Malden, Surrey. He could be the most influential living British sculptor and has played a pivotal role in the development of twentieth-century sculpture.

After studying sculpture at the Royal Academy Schools in London, he worked as assistant to Henry Moore.

He often works in steel, but also in a diverse range of other materials, including bronze, silver, lead, wood and paper.

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