Thursday, 7 March 2013

Keith Vaughan

For nearly 25 years I had regularly visited North Ferriby, Humberside where my Wife’s parents live. From there we would pop into Hull and never thought to visit the City’s Ferens Art Gallery.

Four years ago due to a family deluge for Gael’s parents 50th wedding anniversary we stayed in a hotel in St Andrews dock opposite the city centre and the next morning we wandered in to the City and decided to finally go into the gallery.

Well bless my soul – within their resident collection there were so many works of my favourite artists that I could not believe that for 25 years I had literally walked past this collection ignorant of its existence.

Ben Nicholson – Terry Frost – Peter Lanyon – Paul Nash – William Scott – Patrick Heron were all there – however one painting in particular stood out for me and that was ‘Coast Defences’ by Keith Vaughan whose work I knew little about.

Thereafter I was spurred on to find out as much as I could and I have continually sought out and visited galleries where I could view his work.

Sometimes haunting they are stirring and as you find out more about the artist, his inner turmoil and the simply tragic end to his life one understands how his artwork reflects and represents his life.

For those who wish to find out more about the artist please click here as a place to start

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