Friday, 5 September 2014

Jackson Pollock - Do not try this at home !! - SOLD

Gael my Wife, inspired by Dr James Fox's BBC Four 'Bright Lights, Brilliant Minds' series which  featured New York and the influence of Jackson Pollock, dared me to try one.

Although my attempt is only 23" x 17" in size I will advise you of three things - One - it is not as easy as just dripping and flicking paint onto a surface - Pollock's work was genuinely extraordinary! Two - Please do not underestimate the mess you will generate in trying even a canvas of this size - I did and Gael was not overly pleased with it! - Three - being no Rankin, photographing it is a nightmare!

So here it is - Richard Witham - 'Pollock Experiment One'

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