Friday, 27 May 2011

Relief abstraction No 8

Good afternoon - I am happy to present a new piece 'relief abstraction no 8' which I have just listed on eBay in the knowledge that my eBay shop has been empty for quite a time.

For this piece I revisited an earlier relief and experimented with achieving far greater textures to the surfaces.

The wood board was grounded using a mix of plaster powder and grout and paint. Thereafter I used dry brushing to build up the final surface colours. I had collected some sand from Studland Bay which I dried in the oven and then sprinkled onto the surfaces working it with my fingers. I have also used a razor blade to scrape at the surfaces.

All in all I am pleased with the overall surface effect and textures this has achieved and I am working on two new pieces which I hope to have listed on Tuesday and Thursday next week.

Since I last listed I now have had to consider creating harmony between the eBay prices and the gallery prices to create as much pricing parity as I can for either type of customer.


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